Demo Version 3.0 now up!!

Hello guys!! Demo version 3.0 is now up!! ^_^ 

Here are the changes so far:

- New Intro Scene - A whole tutorial sequence that involves Bryan and Klein, fighting their way to capturing a Farian fugitive. Reasons: This is to add some action and hype at the very start of the game. Since the game is story-driven, I believe that starting out with some gameplay would be a nice touch. 

- New skill and item icons

- New skill animations added

- Implemented an arrow pointer as guide for story progression

- Slight adjustments to the battle HUD (ATB bar is now at the lowest section)

- Typo fixes

- Dialogues now uses a different font

That would be all guys!! Thank you so much and I hope that you'll enjoy! ^_^


Rave Heart Free Demo V5.0 (Media-fire)
Mar 03, 2018

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